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Design Studio LLC

              Interior Design Services

                                         by Susan Utley ...

Design Studio LLC offers full professional design and decorating services for your residential or commercial needs in the metro DC area and beyond. Color consulting, artwork, window treatments including shades and draperies, furniture, accessories, bedding, lighting, rugs/carpets, hardwood floors are available custom or direct from the manufacturer.  Scaled drawings, 3D renderings, digital drawings on your photo of the area are available so you can see before you purchase without costly mistakes. 


My clients tell me they...

  •      Want a "total solution" rather than just pieces of the puzzle 



  •      Want to live or work in a space that's designed around them - That "feels" good



  •      Want to entertain guests with ease in an elegant space



  •      Want a home or office that has a smooth color flow and varying ambiance throughout



  •      Want to visualize the end project so there are no mistakes



  •      Want to hand it off to a trusted professional


        I listened and built my business around you!!

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My client Doris had this to say -


"Give Susan the ball and she will take it and run. If you don’t have a game plan, let Susan delight you with results that you could never imagine. Susan’s knowledge, expertise, and resources gave me a broader selection than I could have found on my own.

My year working with Susan decorating my new condo at Lionsgate was the most eye-opening and enlightening experience. The finished product is the most beautiful home I could ever imagine. I was thrilled and delighted when my home was published in Bethesda Magazine."

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