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Doris W.










Give Susan the ball and she will take it and run. If you don’t have a game plan, let Susan delight you with results that you could never imagine.

My year working with Susan decorating my new condo at Lionsgate was the most eye-opening and enlightening experience. The finished product is the most beautiful home I could ever imagine. I was thrilled and delighted when my home was published in Bethesda Magazine.

Susan’s knowledge, expertise, and resources of expert vendors to work gave me a broader selection that I could have found on my own.


The Service included the overseeing of the entire processes of ordering, receiving, delivering and management of the various vendor work to be done at the site so the stress of time management on my part was nil…

Susan is not only a delight to work with but also fun and we have become fast friends as a result….I count it among my blessings that she and her skills came into my life when they did…


Judy B.
Real Estate Manager, Reston Midtown

I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased your customers are with your work. Paul Sullivan just raves about how helpful you have been and how he could not have possibly pulled off the move without you given his busy schedule. You just took over and not only gave him wonderful furniture selections, you also made it come together seamlessly. He is thrilled.


Michael and Barbra Sahady are another one of your fans. Granted Michael can be a tough customer since he bought all of the oversized Kreiss furniture without you. But you managed to rectify the problem and work with the store for exchanges. Michael was so afraid to make a mistake that he wanted to paint the entire condo in white. But your photos of what it would look like after painting rather strong colors won him over. They love the new paint.


Les Rose, Haze Hanna and Marty Seigel have all remarked on your creativity, skills to enable them to visualize the final product and attention to detail. They land well as I love working with you – it is just a pleasure.


Thanks, Susan for being a great part of Reston Midtown.



Paul S.

The term “customer service” is often illusive in the services industry. However, if one desires a clear definition, call Susan Utley at the Design Studio.


After the initial meeting with Susan my thoughts were, “she gets it." She spent several meetings getting to know me, my motivation, demands on my time, my family situation, my likes/dislikes, my style as well as my current lifestyle.


The Design Studio’s efforts were nothing short of heroic – Susan is a true customer-centric professional. Throughout the selection process, Susan made me feel comfortable with the design and layout. If the suggestions did not appeal to me, a simple “no” was enough for Susan to present alternatives. Susan assumed responsibilities that went well beyond that of the ordinary designer. In reality, she became a project manager for a client that quickly appreciated her open, honest communications, as well as her organizational skills.

Susan went well beyond my expectations. I expected to find an interior decorator – and got a friend, a consultant, a project manager, and an extremely professional business woman.


Susan has changed my world in a means that money cannot buy – she has made a new home for me. I would highly recommend this professional to any – and all – future clients.…    



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