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The Process -

I respect your time and want your experience to be enjoyable and efficient ...

    ..... But most of all I want you to get your solutions to the problems


On the following pages is a Process that I have used and refined over the years. It iscompletely customizable!


Fixed Design Fee - I found that fixing the design fee upfront and agreeing on a scope of work that meets your needs adds reassurance throughout the Process. My clients tell me they love this Process because it helps identify specific objectives, provides a framework for our meetings and helps you know what to expect.  The result is that you will save time and money and won’t be surprised.


Here are some tips to help you with our journey -


  • What is needed - Think about what works in your home and what doesn't - and WHY!  Very important. Think about if the piece will get a lot of use - better quality is needed.  If it doesn't get much use, then we might be able to save a bit of money on the quality and put it elsewhere. We will talk a lot about quality.


  • Style - Take a look through several magazines and clip out what you like - and WHY!! Again important. This give me a much better idea of your style.  I also have clippings that we can examine.


  • Budget - Think through your budget. Perhaps not everything can be done at the same time. We can phase your projects. The priority project should be the area that is causing you the most stress and discomfort.  As a rule of thumb, the focal point in that room should be what you love the most and generally it will cost the most.  But not everything has to be expensive. 


  • Time Frame - If you have a specific event coming up and the area needs to be finished, we need to draw out a timeline.  It is always best to work efficently so that the process doesn't become oppressive.

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