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Need help setting up a second home, a beach house or your new home? Design Studio can do it all and you can just move in.


For the Living Room - In addition to all of the furniture, artwork, window treatments and carpets - a sound system, all of the TVs and fireplaces can also be installed.


For the Bedroom Of course all of the furniture, artwork and window treatments will be installed, but also the mattress, pad, linens, bed spread, and pillows will all be ready for you.


For the Bathroom Add towels, a shower curtain, soap in the dispenser and a shower caddie complete with shampoo will be in place.


For the Kitchen - All of the appliances can be selected and installed plus silverware, knives, cooking utensils, dishes, glassware, pots/pans, storage containers, spices, oven mitts, dish towels and even dishwasher soap.


Remodeling - Consider it done!  My contractors show up and do a great job!


Oh yes, the bar can also be stocked.


Here are some photos of my 8+ turnkey jobs.

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