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More Testimonials

Margaret P.









Just getting to the point where I recognized that I needed professional help in decorating my sun room was a major accomplishment for me. I even bought and read a book on “How to Work with an Interior Designer!”  I learned that the main reason you hire a professional is
that they are aware of so much more about the products that are available and ways to combine them than I ever could.
Susan was a godsend for me. She spent a lot of time just talking to me about my tastes, my styles and what I wanted. She explained her process so that I knew what to expect, which was so comforting. All of her design hours were fixed priced with a work scope. She was very empathetic and completely professional. I was given all the opportunities that I needed and wanted to review designs, fabrics, furniture, and paint. She over delivered all the way through the process. She seamlessly incorporated my existing pieces into the new design and showed me through her 3D renderings how it would look before I spent a nickel. She made it her first priority to show me how I was getting the best value for the prices I paid. She knew the construction and where all of the pieces came from. It showed that she did a lot of research on the manufacturers that she recommended. The people that she employs are also top-notch. I HEARTILY recommend the gentleman she employs to design, make, and install draperies.

In short, while you as the Buyer do have to do work to ensure that you get what you want, Susan and her team work tirelessly to make the experience as positive, and even enjoyable, as possible.  I am already eyeing a second room and have every intention of working with her again!


Deborah S.


I was moving into a stark condo and really didn’t know where to start.  I knew I wanted it painted before I moved in but the paint needed to coordinate with everything else.  Once I started working with Susan, I just couldn’t believe how much was available to her but never to the public. Even if it was available to the public, I didn’t have the time to look for the right pieces, making sure everything was coordinated and then expediting everything to my finished home.


I also really liked that we spent a lot of time on my style preferences. I had some magazine pictures but Susan had lots more so we could really refine my taste. She also had fabric boards to test out different fabrics, textures and color ways. The 3D renderings and the drapery renderings were so very helpful. Instead of being so worried that everything would go together when it arrived, I could just relax because I saw the finished project in her 3D renderings before we purchased. It was all so coordinated.  It showed she had a process that worked.


Many Thanks Susan !!

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